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4 Important Differences Between Bespoke and Pre-built WordPress Themes

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Are you unsure what type of WordPress theme your site needs? Maybe your web design agency has asked you which you would prefer. Or maybe you’re deciding whether to build your own theme. It can be hard to decide which is better for your business. As with most things in life, there are benefits and drawbacks associated with each choice. This article aims to help you make an informed decision about whether a pre-built WordPress theme is right for your business or if you should go all out for a bespoke WordPress theme.


Can your customers tell the difference?

A bespoke WordPress theme from a good web design agency should have a professional appearance that appeals to your customers. It will be unique to your brand, so there should not be any other websites that look the same. To create a website that is fit for your brand and give the impression you want to your customers, choose a bespoke developed WordPress theme.

In contrast, different websites that use the same pre-built WordPress theme often have a similar appearance. You may wish to avoid using a pre-built WordPress theme if you want your site to be unique. Despite this, a good quality pre-built WordPress theme will have lots of customisation options available to make it appear unique to your brand. It will take a trained eye to spot similarities in a professional theme, so your average customer shouldn’t notice.


Are pre-built WordPress themes secure?

Unfortunately, pre-built WordPress themes are more likely to be compromised than bespoke developed websites. If a hacker finds a vulnerability in the code for a theme, it could leave all sites running that theme vulnerable to being compromised. Despite this, more popular pre-built WordPress theme (such as our favourite Uncode) developers should be able to fix any security bugs as soon as they find them as they are keen to keep their customers happy. Hackers are much less likely to spend time finding vulnerabilities in a bespoke WordPress theme because it will be more time consuming and less efficient.


Which is best for Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation is important in ensuring your business gets the right traffic to your website. The theme you choose for your website can sometimes affect the way a search engine reads each page.

Bespoke developed websites are usually better for SEO as your developers, or you, can build the site from scratch and have more control over what content you include. It may be more difficult to optimise a pre-built WordPress theme, as it is not 100% customisable. The way a pre-built WordPress theme displays your content can sometimes change the way search engines read your site. Despite this, there are third-party plugins that can help optimise your content.


Costs and limitations

Cost is the deciding factor for many businesses. Bespoke WordPress theme s usually cost more than pre-built WordPress themes because they are based entirely around your requirements. This means that it takes more time for your developers to build the features that you need. Instead, pre-built WordPress themes usually cost less than bespoke developed themes. However, they don’t always have more complex features that your business could require. If your business requires more complex features on your website, the extra money can often be worth it.

This means that pre-built themes are usually best for sites that require less functionality, such as informational sites. And on the other hand, bespoke development is better for sites that require complex functionality, such as database-driven sites for financial companies that handle lots of personal data.


To conclude…

The low cost may draw you to pre-built WordPress themes. However, even if you have a lower budget, you should not immediately write off a bespoke WordPress theme. Depending on what type of business you are, investing in a bespoke theme can often pay dividends further down the line. For example, data-driven sites can look much better when the theme they are being displayed on has been designed specifically for that data.

Despite this, businesses with a lower budget who simply wish to have a few pages of content along with a blog should probably consider a pre-built WordPress theme. The initial investment in a bespoke WordPress theme can be harder to reap dividends from. This is because there is less opportunity to showcase the features that make it unique.

The final decision, of course, is up to you. You should always make a choice you feel will be best for your business.